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Carpet Cleaning Customer Reviews
Spokane WA

There are so many different carpet cleaners to choose from in Spokane WA, but Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning will always provide you with the very best results. You can always count on us to clean your carpets, tile and grout, hardwood floor, and many other surfaces with greater quality than anyone else. Listen to what those who use Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning Spokane WA have to say about their experiences. 

We have tried several carpet cleaning services in the Spokane area over the years but none of them compared to the quality and professionalism of Heaven's best. Steve Robinson came out, took a few minutes to get to know us before checking out the quality and condition of the carpet that we sceduled him to clean. During the course of the conversation beforehand, I must have mentioned something about my military service in Vietnam. Steve shook my hand, thanked me for my service, and did what no one did in 1972; he welcomed me home. He even gave me a free bottle of carpet cleaning solution as a gift. He didn't need to do that, but he did. From that point on, I knew that we would be calling Steve or members of his team back for future carpet cleanings. Steve didi an excellent job. Our carpets haven't looked this good since they were new. Steve vacuumed the carpets prior to cleaning them. The final results are clean looking and clean smelling carpets without an chemical smell. They dried in due time and seem to look fuller.

~ Gregory - Spokane WA

I wanted to take a moment and let you know about the outstanding service I was provided by your company for carpet cleaning in my home. Steve Robinson did a great job and his customer service was outstanding. I will use your company again..... Thank you ....to Steve Robinson for his outstanding job/service!!!!!

~Denny - Spokane WA

I have been using Heaven's Best for several of my rental properties and have always been very happy with their service. They always deliver fast, professional and friendly service and always make sure I am satisfied with the finished product. Even on the tough jobs they have gotten amazing results. I would absolutely recommend them.

~ Gene - Spokane WA

Alex was friendly and professional. Job well done!

~ Spokane WA

Thank you very much for my completely improved and rejuvenated carpets. Alex is a terrific technician and represented your business very well.

~Spokane WA

Steve Robinson was fantastic! He is very personable, professional and knowledgeable about carpet in all areas of quality, types of application and cleaning. This cleaning job was a rental house. The carpet had stains throughout. I didn't really think that the carpet would clean up very well. Steve's hard work got the stains out and considering the wear and tear, it turned out good.Couldn't be happier the my carpets! Steve was professional and thorough. He had a tough job and accomplished what other carpet cleaners were unable to do. Thank you Heaven's Best!

~Brandy - Spokane WA

Promptness = Excellent
Appearance = Excellent
Quality = Excellent
Price = Excellent

~Spokane WA

Steve worked very hard at cleaning up my large dogs pee spot. The house now smells fresh again. The carpets in the rest of my house look great once again. This is the second time Steve has done a great job for us Thanks Steve!

~Sue - Spokane WA

Steve did a fabulous job. Our carpets look and feel awesome!

~Annie - Spokane WA

Steve was very professional and was able to perform as promised within price, time frame and quality constraints.

~Dean - Spokane WA

Steve does a great job.

~Wes - Spokane WA

"Previous cleaning person left wet carpet, leaving yellow stains. Steve has it all out. Yahoo!"

~Nancy - Spokane WA

"I will recommend to friends and relatives."

~Marie - Spokane WA

"Professional, efficient, courteous!"

~Pamela - Spokane WA

"Steve was professional, friendly and cheerfully did more than I originally requested over the phone."

~Gloria - Spokane WA

"Steve was professional, friendly and cheerfully did more than I originally requested over the phone."

~Jen - Spokane WA

I have known Steve Robinson through Heaven's Best carpet cleaning for many years. I have come to expect the BEST because that is what Steve offers every time he cleans our carpets. He consistently goes above and beyond. Thank you!

~Brandi Scott- Spokane WA

They were pleasant, quick and professional. I was also very happy with the results. Spots that I thought wouldn't come out, did. Plus, the equipment was quiet. I would use them again for sure!

~ Honora- Spokane WA

Steve and Tyler were beyond wonderful. I spoke with Steve on the phone to find out more info and the service was exceptional from the start. They came in and did an amazing job!!! Thank you for making this a great experience. I will recommend them to everyone!!! Wonderful to do business with!!!

~ Isylma Edge - Spokane WA

Friendly, fast and very knowledgeable. No high pressure sales.

~Mark & Vicki Sim- Spokane WA

I will be using Heaven's Best carpet cleaning again. My rug looks the best it has looked in years after being cleaned. From my initial phone call my experience with the company was very positive. Steve and his crew are very professional and reliable.

~ Jan Holloway- Spokane WA

Service was excellent. The work was done in timely manner. Very professional. I would absolutely recommend this company!!


Great experience with Heavens Best carpet cleaning! Steve the owner took the time to walk me through how to clean my carpet in the future when my dog has an accident. Very informative. Will definately refer H.B. &use them in the future!

~ Deanna S. - Spokane WA

Steve and Tyler did a fantastic job cleaning our carpet. Our pets and children left a big job for these guys and they took on the challenge, leaving our carpets smelling and looking great. They were in and out within an hour with smiles on their faces.

~ Michelle F.- Spokane WA

I have worked with many carpet cleaning services in the past. Not only for our own home, but a large number of rental properties. I can honestly say that there has never been another service that actually got our carpets cleaned as well as Heaven's Best.

~ Janielle Hedt- Spokane WA

We call to come back because you did such a great job the first time we needed you Back again thank you Steve and Tyler.

~ Tony and Karen Fagundes- Spokane WA

We had our carpets cleaned today and they did a fabulous job. They were friendly and reliable! I will be recomending them to the friends and family. Thank you Steven.

~Mahalia T - Spokane WA

They were able to clean some pretty bad stains that another carpet cleaning company couldn't. I thought they did a very good job and the carpet looks really good now. Steve Robinson was a very professional person and explained what he was doing and why.

~ John - Spokane WA

Great service and quality workmanship; Thanks Steve!

~ Gayle - Spokane WA

Our carpet cleaning company for 3 years stood us up. Scheduled appt. we moved furniture in preparation and they no showed and never even called or returned my calls. Thank you Steve and Kyle for coming to our rescue.

Had this of never happened we may have never crossed paths, their loss our gain! Very personal but professional service and a great job! The drying time was a fraction of our past cleanings and the high traffic areas haven't looked this good in a long time! Will recommend you to our family and friends. Thanks again

~ Dwayne and LaVonne S. - Spokane WA

Heaven's Best owner and employees are professional and on time. They are upfront about the needs of the carpets and they keep the price reasonable. I would highly recommend Heavens Best to any of my acquaintances, friends and family. Great job as always Steve. We love that the quality of the job matters to you.

~Tracy - Spokane WA

I've had Steve Robinson clean my carpets for 3 years now. He is clean-cut, courteous, professional, and believes in giving a great service. He was thorough in doing his best to clean the carpets and remove any stains, plus added a deoderizer on the carpet near the toilets. He even washed the baseboards behind my couch and vacuumed out the air duct registers on the carpeted area. He's committed to quality.

~ Jesse - Spokane WA

I had our carpets cleaned by Steve last Friday and we are very pleased with the results. I will be telling friends about your great service.

~ Spokane WA

Steve is nice, professional, and passionate about what he does. He did an outstanding job. I thought we were going to need to replace the carpet, but he made it look as good as new.

~ Eric - Spokane WA