Pet Odor and Stains in Spokane, WA

Pet odor and pet stains can be difficult to get out. Heavens Best Carpet Cleaning advises you not to try and tackle the problem yourself, as it can make things worse. Customers often try to fix the problem by using store bought enzymes and renting a carpet machine. This can and most cases will spread the urine to a wider area, and the smell of urine to get stronger throughout your home.. So the next time your pet causes problems that stain or smell Call Heaven’s Best Spokane. We can help assist you with the problem.

So how does Heavens Best get the smell out? We have a specialized method to remove these difficult pet odors and stains with safe products that work and fix the problem not cover it. Traditional Steam Cleaners often spread the urine because of the use of so much hot water. The stain may look like it has gotten out on the surface but the urine most likely has spread to the backing and padding of the carpet. In worst case scenarios it can also spread to the subfloor.

With Heavens Best, our normal cleaning solution process plus a Pet Deodorizing Treatment may be all that is needed for a temporary fix but it is not usually going to solve the problem. It will help take care of the urine smell temporarily but the urine is still in the carpet backing. In those cases we will need to use some additional treatment. We treat the problem in your home first with our Pet Deodorizing Treatment so the pet urine odor doesn’t flow through your home. Than we use a specialized Pet Enzyme Treatment that helps elimate the Pet Urine bacteria, and finally we use a powerful extraction unit to rinse and remove the urine from carpet. After this treatment is done we then deodorize the area once again for max results, plus it makes your home and carpet smell fresh.

It’s important to us to be honest with our customers. That’s why we inspect the carpet for these pet issues. Sometimes it may be a simple Pet Deodorizing Treatment or the job may call for the Pet Enzyme with Deodorizing Treatment, and in some cases we may need to say “I’m sorry there is nothing we can do.” We would rather be honest to our customers than take their money.


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